Buildea as builders, developers and interior designers have exhibited those traits which have made us one of the leaders in the construction industry; with our vast expertise in the sector, we proudly introduce ourselves as one of the best in this field of contemporary and traditional methods of building planning and erection par excellence. Our expert team of designers – Architects, structural engineers, supervisors, and skilled workers who form the backbone of our success marvel. The standing pillars of our each and every achievement are our team members who are well qualified with impeccable reputation. Having a vast experience in the field of Civil Construction, we offer a comprehensive range of building, architectural, landscaping and designing services like building projects, residential contracts, interior designing, structural designing and architectural projects. Our Civil Construction Services are available at market competitive prices that fit to clients' budget. Thus we undertake various construction services in order to provide customer satisfaction with a great zeal.

By nature every man is an architect. Genetically inherent to create, to build, to innovate, to invent and design better places of dwelling, business and social requirements much beyond common outlook and in the process; overcome any constraint imposed by natural settings and as well to satisfies his untamed quest in pursuit of better world in terms of comfort, safety and beauty. It is this basic instinct that has made him to build some of the best monuments and structures of which some are astounding wonders of the world. To quote Keats – 'A thing of beauty is joy forever...'. We strive each day to create better and better places of residence and structures that surpass one another. From caves to huts, huts to stones, from stones to bricks, from bricks to mortars, from mortars to concrete, from concrete to composite materials and further scientific evolutions to come in the future .

Why Choose Us

Green building is the practice of creating structures and using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building's life-cycle from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and deconstruction. This practice expands and complements the classical building design concerns of economy, utility, durability, and comfort. Green building is also known as a sustainable or high performance building.

So Buildea feel obliged to preserve our environment for humanity. It is with that in mind that we place a great focus on "Green Building" environmentally friendly building in both building custom green homes and in executing remodeling projects and green renovation .

Our design process begins with a detailed study of the site’s context, both in terms of the physical context and that of the community. This helps to develop an understanding of physical and social needs and we encourage clients to work with us to engage with the local community to create great places to live that are appreciated by residents.

Concept design ascertain client's requirements, examine site constraints & potential and prepare a design brief for client's approval. Prepare report on site evaluation, state of existing buildings, and analysis and impact of existing and/ or proposed development on its immediate environs. Prepare drawings and documents to enable the client to get done the detailed survey and soil investigation at the site of the project. Furnish report on measures required to be taken to mitigate the adverse impact, if any, of the existing and / or proposed development on its immediate environs. Prepare conceptual designs with reference to requirements given and prepare rough estimate of cost on area basis.

Buildea will be the general contractor on your project and provide the management required for its administration which will provide you with a single source of responsibility for performance and costs.Buildea is the region's leading cost effective fit out companies in Kerala, communication is clear, deadlines are met, quality is achieved and unmatched service providers choosing the right fit out contractor is a tough decision to make.
The 3D graphics presentation showing innovative and custom architectural presentations for construction and design industries to communicate there vision clearly to clients and investors. Our long experience and technical knowledge makes it possible to keep price low. We give our clients the benefit of foresight by using new technologies to clearly and efficiently communicate often complex project to a wider audience
Implementation simply means carrying out the activities described in our work plan. Executing a project in the contracting work execution and site supervision is a very complex mission. Our company delivers quality projects safely and on time through a refined management culture.We carry out execution of Civil Structural Construction Works right from foundation stage to the completion stage.

Our construction estimating is a highly technical and professional discipline. We also involve abiding by certain standards of ethical conduct and moral judgment that go beyond the technical aspects of the discipline. Our skilled professionals are often the most familiar with the complete project. We must exercise sound moral and professional judgment at all times when preparing the project estimate.

Buildea provides assessment and control of construction products. A construction product means any product which is produced for incorporation in a permanent manner in construction works, including buildings, infrastructures, industries and civil engineering works..